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  • Saturday December 11 2010.
    Time: 12:00:00 am
    Amazing Grace for a disgraced race

  • Sunday April 03 2011.
    Time: 05:00:00 pm
    Jamaica School of Preaching Graduation

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Program NameSpeakerDVD #Description
See Video 7 False DoctrinesBro Derrick BrownBTV 134An examination of the statement: born in sin, the sinner\\\'s prayer, salvation without baptism...etc.
See Video 7 Lessons to SuccessBro Trevor ES SmithBTV-105A wonderful lesson on success tips for living.
See Video A Sudden DeathBro Joseph Buckland
See Video Amazing Grace for a disgraced raceBishop Owen FindlayBTV-101A power sermon on the unmeritted gift of God. Grace is getting what we don\'t deserve; Justice is getting what we deserve???????..
See Video Can one be saved without the church?Bro Derrick BrownBTV-113Examining the link between salvation and the church
See Video Dating Gods WayBro Joseph BucklandBTV-58A guide to christian dating practices
See Video Day of SurpriseBro H.D. SimmonsBTV-72This lesson looks at the reality of Judgement and highlights some viewpoints worthy of one\'s review.
See Video DeceptionBro Joseph BucklandBTV-177A comprehensive look on the Deception about Marriage.and other religious matters.
See Video Four Lessons From HellBro Matthew GibsonBTV-72bAn inspiring message on practical lessons one can be guided by today from rich man & Lazarus
See Video ImmoralityBro Derrick Brown
See Video Informal Sabbath DebateIan Boyne, Andre Brown, Lemuel Medley, George Ramocan
See Video ISLAM Challenges Pt1Bro Gladwyn KiddoeBTV 205A comprehensive study of the doctrine of Islam and a Biblical response
See Video Jesus forRealBro Joseph BucklandMyth,Jesus,Romans A response to an article :\\\"Story of Jesus Christ was \\\'fabricated to pacify the poor\\\', claims controversial Biblical scholar\\\" Jesus is real and NOT a Myth
See Video Jesus Is RealBro Joseph BucklandBTV-182A response to an article :\"Story of Jesus Christ was \'fabricated to pacify the poor\', claims controversial Biblical scholar\" Jesus is real and NOT a Myth
See Video LADIES DAY 2011Bro Derrick BrownBTV-135ladiesAn interesting summary of the Annual twenty ninth (29th Jamaica) Ladies Day 2011. History by the founder Sis Olive Walker, also reports and various activities from the Ladies Day 2011 at the Spanish Town C. O. C.
See Video Leaders for righteousnessBro Joseph BucklandBTV-116bThis Program looks at the responsibilities of each Christian to lead in the effort to maintain their purity.
See Video Liberal or ConservativeBro Derrick BrownBTV-102The subject under discussion, is how liberal can we be with our Christianity?
See Video Male FemaleBro Derrick BrownBTV-183A Biblical look and response to idea that one can be born without any defined human sexuality, that is to say neither male OR female!
See Video Must the church changeBro Donnie Ramsay
See Video No BaptismBro Derrick BrownBTV-90This lesson looks at the necessity of Baptism in relation to the subject of Salvation.
See Video Overcoming IssuesDr. Harold GilmoreBTV-114This message looks at best approaches to handling incidents in one\'s life which may appear negative at the onset.
See Video Plan of SalvationBro John MooreAn outline of the steps to man's redemption
See Video Providence Of GodDr W.F. WashingtonBTV-117This lessons shows God\'s protective care and assistance to his people in the time of trouble.
See Video Reap What You SowBro. Gladwyn KiddoeBTV 209A lesson on the danger and repercussion of making a bad decision by refusing to follow Biblical Instructions
See Video RepentanceBro H.D. SimmonsBTV 187AA call to repentance of sins, to free ourselves from religious erro and the to seek God\\\'s plan of redemption !
See Video ShockedBro Llyod Harris
See Video Singing performances with David HenryBro. David HenryBTV-Voice1A selection of songs from the Voices Singing Group and David Henry
See Video SONGFEST 2014Bro. David HenrySFest-14Songfest annual event was held at St. Jago Congregation on July 26,2014
See Video Sports Day Highlights 2009Bro Trevor ES SmithBTV-S001This video presentation shows highlights of the 2009 all-island Sports Day held in Jamaica.
See Video The Bible is trustworthy (Prophecies)Bro Joseph BucklandBTV-111This lesson looks at the reliability of the bible and it\'s accuracy in relation to the fulfillment of prophecies.
See Video THE IDEAL MANBro Norman StarlinBTV 042A lesson on how the ideal conducts himself and establishes biblical guidelines on happy and successful family life.
See Video The Wrath of GodDr W.F. WashingtonBTV-20This presentation looks at the just behavior of God and how he must be respected and feared.
See Video Three Dangers of the National Human Rights Institute Bro Joseph BucklandBTV 219A biblical expo on the Lesson:: \"The Dangers Of The National Human Rights Institution\"
See Video Three Hebrew Boys
See Video TRAGEDY OF TRUST MISPLACEDCleavon MatthewsBTV 216A dynamic lesson on the power of God and call to trust God!
See Video True churchBro Joseph Buckland
See Video What Is SalvationBro Joseph BucklandAn examination of the Gospel of Christ
See Video Who is rightBro. Derrick BrownBTV-116This lessons look at the importance of the scripture as the final guide to determine right and wrong as oppose to opinion & emotion.
See Video Whose AuthorityBro Joseph BucklandGiving seven reasons why God has all authority over everyone and everywhere!
See Video Youth PT1 E.C. Wilson,ELDERBTV-185A lesson to the Young People from some prominent Youths of in the Bible .Re-establishing ethical and moral values to Youths of this age.

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